• CDCS Registry

    Meet our Certified Dementia Communication Specialists.



    Leslie Davis | Gilbert, AZ

    Michelle Toft | Peoria, AZ


    Gary Joseph LeBlanc | Spring Hill, FL

    Chris MacLellan | Lake Worth, FL | EMAIL


    Carolyn Grant | Atlanta, GA


    Andrea Donovan | Inverness, IL | EMAIL

    Laura Ford | Joliet, IL

    Lindsey Freiling

    Alexandria Garner | Fox Lake, IL

    Arleita Hall | Chicago, IL

    Avi Levin | Chicago, IL

    Alyssandra MacKaye | Chicago, IL

    Kimberly Martinez | Round Lake, IL

    Tessa McEwen | Chicago, IL

    Claudia Ong | Chicago, IL

    Karen Smith | Fox Lake, IL

    Jennifer Stoner |

    Letica Saurez

    Rachel Tewell | Arthur, IL

    Eileen Tice |

    Jo Waldo | St. Elmo, IL

    Marcella Vereline | Chicago, IL

    Pam Weiss | Grayslake, IL


    Team from The Cottages of New Lenox

    Elizabeth Avila

    Kari Cogan

    Angela Costilla

    Katie Garrett

    Jasmine Hines

    Mark Heuer

    Theresa Jacques

    Michelle Ponto




    Beth Bertram | Monticello, IN

    Lori Butler |

    Carol Earl | Valparaiso, IN

    Kathleen Mauch | Griffith, IN


    Caryn Kucyk | Wyandotte, MI

    Rosemarie Shim | Canton, MI | EMAIL


    Mindy Bolton | Twin Cities, MN | EMAIL

    New Jersey

    Colleen Kavanaugh | NJ | EMAIL

    Allison Lazicky | Hillsborough, NJ | EMAIL

    New York

    Shelly Evans | Newark, NY

    Kate Fassbender | New York, NY | EMAIL


    TEAM from PSS Circle of Care

    Naa Dei Amassa | New York, NY

    Tiana Black | New York, NY

    Staymon Braithwaite | New York, NY

    Chidi Chizor | New York, NY

    Christina DeSantis | New York, NY

    Diana King | New York, NY

    Katherine Martinez | New York, NY

    Sheryl Quiatchon | New York, NY

    Jennifer Sanchez | New York, NY

    Sonja Shute | New York, NY

    Jessica Silvers | New York, NY



    Lori Kennedy | Oklahoma City, OK


    Team from Spring Village at Floral Vale

    Deb Bodnar | Yardley, PA

    Patrick Farmer | Yardley, PA

    Christene Kelley | Yardley, PA

    Lori Lafferty | Yardley, PA

    Mary Lambert | Yardley, PA

    Lisa Mayberry | Yardley, PA

    Thara Moise | Yardley, PA

    Callista Oberholtzer | Yardley. PA


    MaryAnn Toboz |Chesapeake, VA

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    December Students of the Month

    Meet Mindy Bolton. Mindy was our first student to sign up to become a CDCS. She is an intergenerational creative engagement explorer. Want to know what that is? Check out her website!

    Meet Rosemarie Shim. Rosemarie was our first student to become a CDCS in Michigan. Rosemarie is the Care Transition Manager for Axiom Home Care and sits on various boards in the Detroit Metro area that help the seniors in the area!

    Meet Beth Bertram. Beth was our first student to become a CDCS in Indiana. Beth currently works in hospice care.

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