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    Dementia Perception Challenge Download

    The experience of dementia happens in the real world, so why aren't we challenging ourselves to take on these perspectives there?

    We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to the daily challenges, reactions, ​and responses that a person living with dementia encounters.

    My Soul Purpose Download

    My Soul Purpose is a guided social history created to enhance quality of life and create quality connections.


    Use this with your residents & family members to get to know them at a deeper level including understanding stress responses, and what brings them purpose.

    Dementia Perception Challenge - Hearing Loss Edition

    We challenged the team from Eversound to try on our Dementia Challenges, then go to the drawing board and create one of their own!

    Guess What??!!


    They are super overachievers and created FIVE! That is right 5 Challenges that have to do with Hearing Loss! You need to grab them NOW so you and your care team, family and friends can take on a new perspective of what it is like to have hearing loss! You will be forever changed!


    P.S. Who os Eversound? Amazing company that is changing the quality of life for seniors with hearing loss! Through their wireless headphones that can help them to engage and socialize once again!

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    Click the button above to grab your DPC - Hearing Loss Download!

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